Combo Pages

Combo pages are the heart of your programmatic SEO campaign. These are where the magic really happens as Findable's systems combine your data to create dozens—even hundreds or thousands—of unique pages.

Concierge customers will have their combo pages pre-generated when they recieve their templates. All you'll need to do is initiate the sync and and design your pages in Webflow.

For most customers, combo pages are generated after you initiate your first sync. Findable creates the necessary collections in your CMS and uses information on the items published to create your programmatic combinations.

Because Findable generates these pages automatically, you don't need to add any items to the combo table in your template. Leave this blank until your first sync starts.

There are a few ways to control your programmatic content.

  1. Add more items to your other tables. For example, if your head term is something like {categories} in {location}, adding a new category will generate a new set of programmatic pages for each location. The same is true in reverse—remove a category or location to have the corresponding combinations deletied from your combo store.

  2. Toggle publishing off in your content store. The publish field controls what items are sync'd to your CMS. If you unpublish one of your objects or parameters, the corresponding combos will be deleted from the content store. If you unpublish one of the combo records, it will remain in your content store but get deleted from the CMS.

Editing your combo content

Your combo content can be edited just like any other table in your content store. To help automate this process, we recommend using formulas to make sure you've always got content in this table.

Findable will sync changes to your combo content during the next sync run.

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