Designing with Multi-reference Fields

Reference fields allow you to bring information from one CMS collection into another.

If your collection items don’t include reference fields, make sure you’ve set them up correctly. See Creating Reference and Multi-Reference fields for more information.

In Webflow, there are two types of reference fields:

  • Single reference fields

  • Multi-reference fields

Multi-reference fields are configured to link multiple items from another collection. For example, if a product falls within several categories defined in another CMS collection, you can select all of the applicable categories that apply to the item.

Multi-reference fields are easy to configure in the collection but require a few more steps in design.

Add a new Collection List element to use a multi-reference field on your page.

Select the reference collection from the drop-down list. Ensure you’re selecting the reference collection, not the original one.

Place your element within the collection and style it as you usually would.

Click the settings to add a dynamic reference to the collection.

For more information on using multi-reference fields, check out Webflow's documentation.

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