Programmatic SEO

Programmatic SEO, commonly known by the catchier pSEO, is a way to increase website traffic by automatically generating targeted landing pages.

An excellent example of pSEO is Trip Advisor. Search Google for “Best things to do in New York” and you’ll see Trip Advisor near the top—if not in the number one spot.

Now, search Google for Best things to do in {your home town}.

Unless you’re from somewhere truly off the map, there’s a very high chance Trip Advisor will also be near the top.

For most cities and towns on Earth, Trip Advisor has a page.

Did they sit down and code each of those, one by one, writing headings and selecting content?

Of course not!

They did it programmatically.

If you know a little bit of coding, it’s pretty straightforward to grab a database of all the towns in the world and write a script that combines them with the words “Best things to do in ____”.

If you’re great at coding, you can probably write a script that generates an entire webpage for you too.

That’s what programmatic SEO is fundamentally about.

With pSEO, we can target lots of niche search terms. There might not be a lot of people looking for “Best things to do in Humpty Doo”, but if we can reach every single person looking for things to do in any town, then all of a sudden, our site has a lot of clicks.

You can read more about the many benefits of programmatic SEO on our blog 🪄

We built Findable so you can leverage pSEO without knowing how to code.

Even if you know how to code and are familiar with pSEO, Findable saves you time by doing the hard work for you.

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