Site Structure

Ensuring your site structure makes sense is essential to configuring your pSEO campaign. To give users the best experience and maximise your SEO impact, you should ensure that your pSEO pages fall within a logical hierarchy.

You don’t need to design every collection that Findable syncs. Most campaigns will only publish one collection, although all of them are available if you decide to use them.

Your site structure will depend on your website, but as a general rule, you should ensure that users can navigate to the pages from your home (even if there are a few steps).

This is the same principle as setting up a blog using your CMS. Your hierarchy will often look something like this:

Home > Blog > Blog articles

Aiming for something like this with your Findable campaign is a good idea. For example, a directory might have:

Home > Directory > Directory pages

For some examples, check out:

To change where your collection sits within your site structure, update the Collection URL. Click on the gear next to the CMS collection to access the settings, then change the URL to anything you’d like.

You can learn more about Page URLs at Webflow University.

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