What is Findable?

Findable is a platform that allows anyone to tap into the magic of programmatic SEO (pSEO). With Findable, you can instantly deploy dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of unique pages to your website.

Three things work together to achieve this:

  • Your website

  • Your content store

  • Findable’s arcane systems


Findable connects website builders like Webflow with external content stores like Airtable. Our templates guide you through setting up your campaign, then sync everything to your existing website and keep it in sync if you want to make a change.

If you’ve ever used Excel or Google Sheets, you’d know how formulas can take the tedium out of data entry. Findable pSEO campaigns work the same way—put a few things in and let our systems do the heavy lifting.

If you’re interested in tapping into the magic of pSEO but don’t have the time to create content, consider joining our Concierge program to get a tailored campaign built by our team of wizards 🧙

There are a few steps on your journey to pSEO mastery:

  1. Plan out your pSEO strategy

  2. Select a Findable template

  3. Add in your content

  4. Run your first sync

  5. Design your webpage

  6. Monitor your results

Remember, success with SEO doesn’t happen overnight.

Don’t be disheartened if you launch your campaign and don’t see results the moment your pages hit the web. SEO should always be considered a long game—you build momentum over time with the goal of sustainable traffic to your site.

Findable helps you kickstart your SEO momentum, letting you rank on a wide range of keywords to get the ball rolling.

And if you’re an established site with existing traffic, Findable helps you ramp up your SEO and take your ranking to the next level.

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