Relation Fields

Relations are a feature of Airtable that allows you to create a connection between items in different tabs.

This is like a reference if you’re familiar with Webflow’s CMS.

Relations are a powerful tool that allows us to keep our content store clean and organised without losing richness or details. We can manage different data structures in separate tabs and associate items across the entire database.

For example, imagine we’re creating a list of SEO tools. Each tool will have information like pricing, a description, a website, and a logo.

We also want to apply a category to these tools. These categories will have different information that applies to all the tools within them.

Once we’ve input all our data, we just need to click on the ‘category’ field next to each tool and associate its category. There’s no restriction on how many categories we apply to these items.

You'll create similar reference fields when you sync your campaign to Webflow. This means you can access the data from any associated items when you design your page.

For more information on relations, check out Airtable’s documentation.

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