Finding Your Airtable API Key

Because your content store is housed under your account, Findable needs a way to access your data so that we can sync everything to your Webflow site.

We use an API access key linked to your Airtable to do this.

You’ll need to own any content store you want to generate an API key. For more information on duplicating Findable templates, check out our guide here.

To create an API key, click your profile icon in the top right and select ‘Developer hub’.

Ensure you’re in the ‘Personal access tokens’ menu and select ‘Create token’.

For security, we recommend creating a new API token for each campaign.

Give your token a descriptive name so that you know which is which. For example, you could name your token after the campaign you’re setting up.

Next, select the scope of your API. These are the things that the API can be used to read or modify. For your sync to work correctly, you need to give access to:

  • All ‘Record data and comments’

  • All ‘Base schema’

  • ‘webhook:manage’ under ‘Advanced developer features’

  • ‘’ under ‘User metadata’

Next, link the API token to the relevant content store. As mentioned above, having a separate API token for each campaign you launch is a good idea.

Simply select the campaign that you’re associating with the API key.

Click Create token.

Then copy the generated token key.

If you don’t copy the key or copy something else before you store it, you’ll need to create it again. Simply delete the old key and create a new one.

Your API key gives access to view and modify the data in your content store. Findable needs this to work, but you should keep it private.

Keep it safe! As a general rule, never store it in an unencrypted note. If you lose it from your clipboard, you can always generate a new one before sharing it with Findable.

While in early access, you’ll need to share this API key with us directly. We highly recommend using an encrypted sharing platform like One-Time Secret or a secure send found in most password wallets. Never send an unencrypted key via email.

Enter your API key into One-Time Secret and click 'Create a secret link'

Copy the One-Time Secret URL and share it with Findable.

Findable’s platform will include encrypted key management, removing these final steps from the process.

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